程式開發員 Programmer (5天工作)


  • 開發與智能城市相關的系統,改變人的生活

  • 團隊合作,發揮各人所長,以真誠、互助、專業的態度相處


  • 本公司不求學歷、只求實力。你將需要具備獨立工作的能力。具備相關開發經驗者優先

  • 精通 Javacript, Node.js, C#, MySQL, SQL Server, HTML5 等

  • ​你可能需要負責Machine Learning及Blockchain等相關項目的開發

  • 須負責從策劃、實行、監控到完成階段與資訊科技有關的項目細節

  • 須與團隊內外的人員協作,以完成整個項目

  • 能用精簡的電腦語言去編寫程式,優化數據庫的表現

  • 具有編寫大型數據庫系統程式的經驗

  • 懂 PHP, CSS, GraphQL, C++, Linux, Apache, Visual Basic,, xCode 等 IT 技術更佳

  • 曾編寫伺服器端的程式

  • 認同編寫IOT程式是一份很棒的工作

  • 願意參與討論,集思廣益,為我們的開發團隊貢獻

  • 認同多工工作與團隊協作的工作模式


另外本公司亦正在招聘程式開發項目經理Project Manager手機程式開發員 Mobile App Developer​,閣下亦可應徵申請有關職位。



You should be passionate about what iAPP stands for:

  • Systems related to Smart City, life changing impacts

  • Team work, right person for the right task. Truthful, caring and professional communication 

Job Requirements:

  • We emphasize down to earth skills and actual contributions rather than education background. You should be able to work independently. Development experience in relevant systems will be preferred

  • Loves Javacript, Node.js, C#, MySQL, SQL Server, HTML5

  • You might be required to participate in Machine Learning and Blockchain related projects

  • Being responsible for IT projects related activities during project planning, execution, progress monitoring & controlling & acceptance.

  • Coordinating internal and external project teams in the execution of overall project plan

  • Writes efficient queries and optimize database-intensive application

  • Has built scalable, database intensive systems

  • Understands the latest IT technologies of PHP, CSS, GraphQL, C++, Linux, Apache, Visual Basic,, xCode  is a plus

  • Codes server-side applications before

  • Loves making your time coding more productive and expressive

  • Thinks before you code

  • Believes web programming is a fantastic career

  • Knows programming can be elegant and beautiful

  • Willing to brainstorm and contribute to our A-Team

  • Thinks multi-tasking and team collaboration are the best thing in your life

We are also hiring Project Manager and Mobile App Developer, you may also consider applying for these.

Application Method

Please fill in the application form below. Suitable candidates will be contacted. If you have any question please send email to

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