實習生計劃 Internship Program







  • 學位或大專程度學生

  • 具良好的人際技巧、溝通能力及商業分析能力

  • 語言能力良好,具備一定的演講、談判及銷售能力

  • 認真工作,積極及勇於接受挑戰

  • 有決心在科技商業界發展及發掘自身潛能

  • 商業相關或資訊科技相關學生可獲優先考慮



Our team has more than 10 years of experience. Our business model covers a wide area, but is focused on applying advanced technology on business fields which have investment value. We cooperate with real estate projects and landlords on the way, and contribute to the building of a smart city in an economic way. If you are interested in technology application, business development, smart city or sales & marketing, you might be suitable to join us.


Primary Duties:

Our client base is wide stretched. It ranges from MNC to small retailer or residential estate.  Your internship experience may include: real estate projects, corporate application, international brands, investor relationship, residential, commercial/industrial buildings, Government projects, etc. and from different industries, such as F&B, retail, service, advertisement and even community space etc. Your major works include sales & marketing, communication, coordination, project planning, market research, promoting our smart city services and increasing our market share.

Necessary Skills:

You are required to have good interpersonal skills. Although our core competence is technology-related, it is  fundamental that we need to understand with our end users' needs in order to success. You will need to be concise and precise and be able to explain latest tech easy enough so that a layman will understand the advantages immediately.

Enrollment Requirement:

  • Undergraduate or post-secondary level students

  • With good interpersonal and communicate skills, and commercially minded

  • Proficient at different languages, be able to make persuasive presentations

  • Positive and be able to accept challenges

  • Determined to develop in technology and business related fields and explore your own potential

  • Business related or Information Technology related students have priority

Application Method

Please fill in the application form below. Suitable candidates will be contacted. If you have any question please send email to

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